Getting Tired of Facebook

I used to like spending time in Facebook. I like following updates of friends I care about. I enjoy their jokes, cherish their achievements, grateful for their sharing experiences. But lately I feel like I am "over it." I rarely login and limit spending my time there reading updates and seeing photos. Too much time and energy  get absorbed, I eventually feel emotional fatigue after spending mere 10 minutes online.

Log into Facebook feels like entering a very noisy room and seeing people talking alone or to each other. Some time they are bragging their lives, share real or unreal news, making them feel like they are having a deeper relationship than they really do. I wish people realize that "liking" a facebook post is not the same with having a conversation and really connecting with the person. Chatting may go deeper, but never the same with real conversation. For now, I am getting tired of Facebook, and want to limit my time there. Back to blogging.



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