a perpetual search

This almost-five-year old boy of mine keeps puzzling me lately with his questions, and statements, about god. Who made god? Where does he live? How come I cannot see him? If he created the sun, then he must have a very loooong hand to reach it up there. If god is everywhere, then he must be there in the streets, in a bottle, in the shops.

All kind of silly thinking. Whatever answer I gave him is certainly never satisfying. He keeps coming back with another mind-boggling conundrum.

I believe every parent experience this. It is an exciting time. It is amazing to see how this one time baby sudenly opens up his minds to such realm. But how temptating it is to say “we are not permitted to say that about god,” asking him him stop his exploration. It is like putting up a no tresspassing sign at the borders of this sensitive area.

I’ll resist this easy-temptating-way to deal with this. I think what I will do is to let him say out loud whatever he thinks of god, and tell him that nobody has the exact answer about god; that he will encounter that question again as an adult. I will let him bring the questions with his growing mind. No definite answer. A perpetual search.


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